Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm not bored, just tired of thinking

oh my! Nothing is more contagious than yawning. Not Pink Eye, not STD's (well, ok bad example) or politicians testing the world's oldest occupation. One does it, they all get it.

Don't take it personally, I yawn at least 10 times every time I'm in a car and each time I pick up the phone. It's not a reflection of your company, just a reaction to another tedious trip to another familiar destination. Boredom is a journey, not a sprint.

I see you yawn in my meetings and I take it as you just need a moment to think before complimenting on my 55-page animated slide deck. I see you yawn at a restaurant, trying to avoid the combination stretch-yawn-sigh move when you are with your significant other pretending to care about their day.

Perhaps yawning is a defense mechanism that prevents us from putting our foot in our mouth, stops us from inhaling food at a rapid pace or more importantly, stops us from....falling to um...sleeeeeeeeep". Never mind, my yawns are telling me to take a nap now.