Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson in Time



Early one morning, I thought I was the only one in the office. I witnessed three noisy maintenance men with their hands full carrying big analog clocks to exchange and hang throughout my building. Because just changing the batteries would be too much for just ONE person.

These diligent walkers of the hallways, (Think Flavor Flav with work boots & tool belts) stomped down past my work area not quite respecting my personal work space or need to concentrate.

With my focus gone and my Adult ADD kicking in..Did I mention I just saw a birdie?

I couldn’t resist being the smart a-- and ask, “Hey, any of you have the time?” All three of them in complete synchronization, switched their armful of Big Bens to their other hand to check their generic wrist watches. As the realization of my remark set in their heads, the skinniest one of the three turned and said with both his big and small hands not moving, "Yes, I'ts SUNDAY, next time look at the calendar and maybe you won't worry about the time."

Doesn’t matter now, but I'm sure it is too late for church.


Anonymous said...

Forget the clock and the calendar ... Im so confused I need a compass and perhaps a good barometer. lol

WW1776 said...

Cracking up at your reference to Flavor Flav. Saw the finale of a reality show that cast Flavor Flav as "The Bachelor" of sorts where he picked his favorite "hoe". The winner had the pleasure of a night with the uber suave and dashing Flav....as well as....wait for it....a brand new set of "Grills". Now THAT is some great TV!

Anonymous said...

this is funny