Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Are You Going My Way?

Don't worry, I see you walking behind me with my peripheral vision. I can tell you are walking faster, trying to catch up to time it perfectly so I can hold the door open for you. No problem, common courtesy, etiquette and the difference between us and apes.

So, why do so many people pretend to NOT see you behind them, to hurry through the door to avoid having to hold it for 3 seconds longer than otherwise needed. I'm sure their lives are much more important than ours and unless we actually say, "hold the door please!", the courtesy will not occur.

New rule, If I'm within 10 paces of you as you reach the door first, you are obligated to hold it for me unless you have your hands full, then I will be glad to step up to the task and hold it for you while you enter first, thus making kharma for the morning good for both of us.

footnote: This isn't a gentleman for a lady only event. Unless someone is behind you with an axe or chainsaw yelling "I know what you did last summer" or "Have you checked the children yet?", hold the door and open the possibilities of being appreciated instead of being "tsked" at.

(y'know, tsk tsk with the rolling eyes as you look past them)

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