Monday, July 9, 2007

July 4th Fireworks Rant

Trying to grasp the fact of why do we care about fireworks? Seriously, unless you are in charge of them, sell them, or work with children who relish the first moment of seeing flashes of light repeated with eardrum bursting sounds…why?

How many different ways can you say oooh and ahhhh. How many times can you look at the sky and think, is this the grand finale?

A scrooge of independence day?...No, I think not. But PULEASE. It was exciting hundreds of years ago before electricity was invented, before the internet and TMZ, etc.. But now, if you are older than 18, have you ever seen an original firework show since you were five?

Go ahead, celebrate the nations birthday, enjoy the time with family and friends, but if you don't care to see the local volunteer fire dept. shoot up their yearly budget of new hoses for bottle rockets...then WHY?

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