Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doncha wish your car could be more like mine, Doncha?

Hellooo DMV... Heavy traffic moving fast. The law states you should stay back one vehicle length for every 10 mph's of speed. Why does anyone think they are going to get to where they are going faster if they cut in front of me with no space for safety when I'm just trying not to hit the vehicle in front of me?

We all should have one time a day where we can not only report a driver who thinks of only their journey and not others' demise, but where we can push a button on our OnStar, XM, GPS, radar detector or cell phone and they receive the Scarlet badge of bad driving. If they receive more than 10 a week, they have to ride a bike for a month or stand on the median wearing a sign that says.."Honk if you think I'm an Ass".

I can hear the echoing of horns worldwide...ahhhhh

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