Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time is up for the New Year Cheer

Hello. It is January 8th people.

Enough with the Happy New Year. Yes, my holiday break was relaxing. If it wasn't, did you really want to hear about it? There has to be a statute of limitations on well wishes for holidays. If you are within two weeks of either the President's birthday or Ground Hog's Day, the New Year is too old to celebrate.

I understand the etiquette of manners and if I haven't seen you since 2008, I may spend a little more time inquiring about your time with family and friends. But seriously, one more week of this false caring of stranger's holidays and I'll be Jonesing for "Can't wait for the weekend eh Bob? It seems like this is the longest week of the year, huh Ted? Is it Friday yet Alice? It feels like a Monday doesn't it Lorraine? Do we really have to work on Monday Burt?"

It's over people. January...long days and longer cold weeks ahead. If you want to wish me anything, wish me a happy July 4th cause what I need today, is warmth, barbecue and a few outside celebrations to drown out the holiday clingers mantra of "The holiday went kinda fast didn't it?" The holiday went fast but your time/date perception is about as accurate as sun dial on a cloudy day.

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