Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to live past LIVESTRONG

First, I'm a big Lance Armstrong fan and I loved the marketing prowess of creating an inexpensive "pet rock" idea that has legs and viral success for the ages as the LIVESTRONG bracelet did and all the money it raised. But after every charity known to man (people against people, chartreuse bracelets for the colorblind and humans against fur jewelry) got involved, don't you think its time for these middle aged men with THE MEN'S WEARHOUSE suits to stash their "I'm a supporter of something" bracelets in the same pile as their Member's Only Jackets, Tassel loafers and Velour V-neck sweater vests that show more nipples than Simon Cowell at a Karaoke contest? Sincere support is great. Charity is something we all wish we could do more with and for, but when it comes to stretching out a "cool" idea so long that the original plastic ring has been stretched to fit around a size 36 waist, its time to find a new item to wear. YES, now that you asked, I do have an idea. I'd like to suggest a strobe lit plastic ring that slides over the middle finger to support all your number 1 piggy back charities that you want to tell to "WEAR THIS" as you pass by their booths and signs. Think of the word of mouth marketing on that concept.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have a fettish for Members Only Jackets. I can find you one from the 80s on Ebay. Would you like the hardened leather bomber or the rip stopping nylon?