Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You say hello, but do I have to say hello...AGAIN?

Narrow hallway at the office. One of the few paths on the floor that engulfs the offices and cubicles. Important question of the day.

When you see and pass the same person five or more times throughout the day, what in the world do you say after the first greeting? If you first see them in the morning, It's the simple etiquette of a "Good morning" or "How are you?"

However, after two or three hallway fly bys before lunch, what on earth do you say or not say without insulting each other's intelligence?

"How 'bout them (INSERT FAVE SPORTS TEAM)?", or "Working hard today, Bro?" ...I think not. You have seen them more times than your own family this week and not once do you get the sense they are going anywhere except in a circle.

If you are lucky and can space it until after lunch, you can go with the mundane, "Almost done eh?" or "Boy, what a day huh?" but do I care when the only thing that seems to get accomplished is adding frequent walking mileage to their dress shoes before 5 pm.

We should add a new rule to greetings in the office. After seeing the same person in the same building on the same day within a 4 hour time period, the only thing you should have to acknowledge is a wardrobe malfunction, wet floor warning or the fact that they didn't notice your fly was open, you tripped on the spilled coffee and that you are still circling the office looking for the same person to set up a meeting for tomorrow.....I'm just saying...

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