Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't blog a gift horse in the mouth

Sitting in airport lounge that offers free drinks, snacks, wireless access and quiet comfort. I am enjoying it more because I don't usually qualify for the benefit. Then, low and behold, I sit at the bar and have my complimentary drink while a few badly matching outfitted travelers walk up next to me and grab scores of snacks out of this Stanley Cub Fruit Bowl of bliss. It is like they just suffered a national disaster and the RED CROSS finally airlifted water and grain to ease the mobs.

It's a granola bar people. Take one and go sit in your complimentary chair on your complimentary time and appreciate the little things in life. If you grab one more Little Debbies before we take off, we are going to have to check all our carry-on bags to balance out your greedy pillaging of the system. If someone offers you a pack of gum, do you take the pack or grab a stick and return the rest? When you go out to dinner and are completely full, do you ask for one more basket of bread, rolls or crackers to take it home in your Samsonite purse?

Perhaps I'm overreacting and you just happen to be the one who goes to a friend's house for a dinner party and brings a six pack but drinks a case? Or brings a bottle of wine but has your own royal size gimlet that keeps your glass filled higher than my SUV gas tank.

They just announced my flight and I would love to write some more complimentary comments about this experience, but if I don't take at least one of these stale, 6 month old granola bars for the flight, I JUST won't feel like I got my money's worth out of my trip. Anyone got a pack of gum?

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