Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coed Moment of a lifetime

As I mature and start to enjoy the little things in life, I have found any opportunity to spend a few minutes relaxing in a dry or wet sauna room after a work out cleanses my mind as much as my body.

So getting a moment, while traveling to Switzerland, to self-contemplate in a wet sauna in Basel I enthusiastically disrobed and walked into my temporary utopia to discover to my dismay that most European countries traditionally share these steamy rooms of meditation with both sexes.

Before you start thinking this is a preamble to a bad Playboy forum article, realize that I walked in on two women that were probably NOT supermodels during the early '80's. Like a deer in headlights I thought I misinterpreted the sign on the door and stepped out to look for the familiar male/female signs. When I realized IT IS WHAT IT IS, I fought the urge to be a modest American and re-entered the sauna grabbing a seat in the corner facing the door like a scorned child (NOTE: I so wish I would have grabbed a larger towel to wrap myself in.

These soft spoken Eastern European women never paused their heated conversation as I smiled with paranoia knowing I couldn't comprehend their language. They were either laughing at my bashful actions or contemplating why I haven't dropped my towel like it was some unwritten law punishable by death.

Let's be realistic, its extremely hard to relax in a steam room when your constantly flexing and sucking in your stomach for 10 straight minutes. I could have been the fittest person in the room, but that doesn't help white terry cloth hand towel create a confidence builder, let alone a body builder.

I did my required time as I wasn't going to give in to my better judgement and stood off the wooden bench to accidentally catch my towel on my size 13 feet and created a moment that only YOUTUBE and TMZ paparazzi could have made worse.

As I grabbed my dish rag and exited the most heated room I've ever experienced, I overheard the two ladies giggling, "он имеет большие ноги" which I am going to guess or hope translates to "He has big feet".

However, I should have been thankful that it wasn't a COLD sauna room or I would have been making George Costanza excuses in seven languages for the next 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

you kill me...heh :)


Anonymous said...

... и приятные улыбки

Cynical Buzz said...

вы для добросердечных слов

Anonymous said...

heh heh...good one.