Thursday, March 13, 2008

crowded house of silence

"Excuse me? You said Tori's brother was just sold? NO. I said, "Your mother caught a cold!!" Ouch, I can't hear you there are two women next to us with voices that seem to rattle the canine population in Spain with their high pitch explanation of why they didn't call each other yesterday because they were returning the call from the day before. Someone, OK...ANYONE tell me why certain patrons of the public food industry need to share with five other tables their mundane lifestories? Its a eating establishment, not the wall street trading floor. Use your indoor voices children, no one cares about your neighbor's pet who looks like your boss on steroids. "I'd like to order another drink" "DID you just say your psychotic mother can't sing? I would have heard you more clearly but the two guys on the other side of us who haven't shaved their necks since '97 are groping the waitress while bragging their porsches' just got detailed by their younger brother who just got out on a work release program. UM..wanna go to the library?

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