Monday, March 17, 2008

It's not where I'm going that is important

"Excuse me...can you tell me how to get to........"

Hate asking for directions. Not because I'm a Y chromosome and it hurts my pride to ask, but because I haven't got a GPS yet and I'm jealous plus I always seem to ask someone who is more lost than me and they live a block from where I'm going.
As soon as you hear this phrase, "....if you get to a bar or a school... YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR." you might as well turn back. How about "if you give me the proper directions, I won't have to see the bar unless I decide to take a tour of your neighborhood". It's not that hard, Tell me how many streets to turn left or right and then how many lights until I see the place. Or better yet, tell me you don't have a clue and there is a gas station or major intersection a street over and it would do me good to ask someone there.
I'm looking for a good samaritan with a concept of south versus north, not Forrest Gump's literal guidebook to the southern hemisphere.
Ask me for return directions after I spent $45.00 in gas following yours, and I'll tell you exactly where to GO.

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