Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pin-up Models to Avoid

Bought a few new shirts this week and spent 3.5 hours removing the packaging INSIDE the plastic wrap. Seriously, 14 straight pins, 3 pieces of cardboard, half of roll of tissue paper and plastic molds around the neck line took before I even considered ironing and hanging them up. IT'S a SHIRT not a crystal wedding gift. If I want to consider acupuncture, I'll go to a specialist. I guarantee no matter how careful I was diffusing this department store bombing device, I will either step on a pin or get stuck by one as I pick something else off my floor. After hundreds of years, can someone figure out how to fold the shirt and package it for selling without having it prepared like a voodoo doll with me being the cursed soul? Here's a thought: Try a freakin' hanger display.

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