Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Political Choices

Riddle me this Batman....Is there is actually a strange woman who is worth over $4000.00 a night? Please someone tell me after the first hour..(in the Governor's case, in a New York Minute) what is she going to do? He is now snoring and calling room service for another bottle of Dom. Seriously, is she emulating the press corp? acting like a beaten down witness in one of his past cases? Does he realize that after the 20% service fee that his trip down mammary lane to DC cost him over five grand, a political office, a tarnished reputation, a few felon counts and a possible cabinet position. Perhaps we should imagine what did he gain. For one, a chance to be on TMZ for the next week and top billing on Leno and Letterman until another Britney sighting. But most importantly, he can now save $3980.00 and go to Brooklyn and say--"WOW, I completely overpaid for a 'half and half'. Maybe, next time I'll try Priceline.com"

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