Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't Mettle with the Five Rings of Sportsmanship

There is a reason the Olympics only come every four years. (correct that)-two years, but four for each season.

It takes at least that long for the Media to come up with life stories for every athlete. Is there one participant that didn't go through hardship of a great great grandparent who died recently or one who has a hangnail just before the Games end? Is there one without a sibling suffering from inoperable stubbornness, one who didn't suffer an economic injustice of having to pay for their own gas or a severe case of acne growing up in an disadvantaged environment?

It's the Olympics, not Survivor-Beijing. Win the Gold and get your face on the cover of a Wheaties box and a guest shot on The Tonight Show.

Lose, and end up stuffing your face with Froot Loops and watching old shows of the Wide World of Sports with you starring in the Agony of Defeat.

It's not that hard to enjoy the Games of the Olympiad. It's just hard waiting 7.5 hours to see one actual event after watching All-American and native Texan Tommy Brown's life be drawn out on the T.V. screen only to watch him come in of 8.

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