Monday, August 11, 2008

Tradition Smadition

Gotta love Major League Baseball. If you are not sure why it is appealing, but find yourself watching it as much as I do-Here could be the appeal. Where else in the world do they force 65-year old men/managers to wear a children's baseball uniform? They are supposedly the leaders of the free world of the Diamond, not a homeless dude who chose a second hand Little League uniform over a camouflage WWII uniform at a flea market.

Do you need to wear that fine blend of stripes, elastic and butt enhancing material to pick your nose on TV, (oh wait, that is just a sign to steal second base) spit tobacco/gum in the dugout or kick dirt and yell obscenities to another overweight, elder gentleman who is wearing a similar tight poly nit black umpire uniform. I haven't quite comprehended the value of wearing the knickers past the age of 12.

Is this why we enjoy America's Favorite Past time? Or is it the fact we only have 24 hours in a day and most of today's games take up 1/4 of it. I think of baseball like the sport version of a soap opera. I could miss three weeks worth of episodes and when I return, the same plot line hasn't changed. You would return to see the same pitcher struggling to get an out while the same all-star slugger is in a hitting slump since May (Going 0-38 should mean you owe the fans $23 million).

If there is any sport that needs to be digitally recorded to be played back without all the filler its baseball. You could watch an entire game with your DVR in about 23 seconds. But then you would miss all those shots of Wilford Brimley separating the sunflower seeds from his mouth to hit the pitching coach's butt from 12 feet out.

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