Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saving Face on Facebook

Who are you kidding with the cropped version of your photo at a wedding from last spring's social season.

This is Facebook, not DeFacebook. Remember, when we can only see half a shoulder, 3/4 of your hair and part of your chin is missing, we know its more that just a HE/SHE now missing from your life's picture. Perhaps you have a few more issues that can't be removed by a cutting board.

Pulease, you have to have at least one decent picture that doesn't have an EX-someone or other in the frame. If you have to, go back 10 years. We would rather see you high school prom picture than your scorned version of MTV NEXT. I'm trying to figure out what you are trying to prove. Perhaps that you have to share with your social networking universe that you have separated this person from your life including any emulsion, digital or Polaroid you ever taken together.

Actually, it shows that you think this is the (only) hottest shot of you at the best time of your life. Do you want this un-friendly ghost from image's past to know that you haven't felt any more beautiful than when you were still together?

If you can't post a new pic of JUST you or at least you and your best friends binge drinking to forget the fact this digitally cut out individual still is part of your Friend's list, cancel your account and go back to AOL groups.

Ever hear of PHOTOSHOP? Fade, dissolve or add a new love to your over exposed life with a touch of a button-ANYTHING but this kindergarten scissor effect of you trying to keep that one fun night with your EX alive when that dress...THAT dress just wasn't all that anyway.

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