Monday, May 12, 2008

Listening to the Blues

I admit it, I'm not just an early adopter of technology, I am way past the brink of geekdom with just a shade of respect. From BlueRay to Bluetooth, from Smartphones to VOiP, I like my digital toys and how they become smaller and promise to help me do more with less.

Hence my hesitation to be a slight bit tone deaf about the "wearable" wireless headsets" There has to be some etiquette to avoid the inappropriate times of looking like a Cyborg stage hand at a Star Trek convention. I agree, in the car is more than appropriate, though in a four- star restaurant when you are NOT suppose to use it is not. I can't stomach the fact I'm watching that growth pulsing a blue LED out of your ear as I wait for my Chilean sea bass. Walking in a grocery store, hands-free is fine with my Miss Manners, especially if you have a cart and three kids asking for pop tarts every other aisle. But walking around your child's soccer game screaming "pass it my Joey, he's open" while your hands are free to express your parental frustrations conveys "Secret Service Wannabe" from the outside. (just my opinion of course).

Perhaps you could hear the public's laughter echoing your technology faux pas if you didn't have a huge plastic Q-tip exuding from your lobes when you should be focusing on the urinal in front of you. These techno wonders were made for you to laugh at life's tasks, not for us to laugh at your silicone earrings .

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Jazz said...

I have to agree with you on this one...I chuckle everytime I see someone walking into KMart, Wal-Mart or U R Smart with one of these attached to their ear like some large growth. But really is this any different then having a cell phone glued to your face?