Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Publication Carnage

I read a "save the planet" magazine yesterday with an ALL GREEN theme yesterday and 12 subscription cards came out of it. The whole magazine is all about they want me to recycle. Wouldn't it save more of the world and my time to NOT jam 5x6 index cards into every other page just to have a magazine mailed to me in plastic wrap.

Even though I do get most of my news and current events from the web, I still enjoy reading every REAL magazine I can get my hands on. It's not truly reading, more like perusing quickly through millions of ads, one good article and what house, body, car, clothes, technology, vacation and place I will never have, own, see, use, try, visit or enjoy. I don't want a subscription. I don't want to admit I chose this genre as my life theme or that genre depicting who I am in the target consumer classification group.

I like to decide at the exact time I'm there-at the bookstore, grocery store or airport what I want to browse and how many I want to browse with. If I choose to read when the magazine is mailed to my home, it reflects a commitment. I'm not ready to commit to you as a publication. I'm still figuring out who I am as a consumer. I'm dating other publications right now and they don't seem to ask for that exclusivity as long as I visit them at local establishments and choose to bring them home periodically.

You can try to keep yourself in my compulsive mind by stuffing sexy insert cards (83 cents an issue in case you ask) on all the pages I plan to read, but remember I like my open lifestyle with gloss too much and I'm not ready to settle down with "4x4 Monster Trucks Illustrated" on a monthly basis. Unless its the yearly swimsuit edition. Love those off road features, I mean articles.

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