Thursday, May 15, 2008

Packed By Volume Not Weight

Opened up a new bottle of over the counter medicine caplets this morning. Not a big JANITOR-IN-THE-DRUM size bottle, just a medium bottle with a child safety cap that I surprisingly out-witted even before 7am.

After removing enough cotton to stuff a KissMe Elmo and a Pamela Anderson autographed silicone gel pack to keep it fresh (yes, I hate when pills aren't ripe yet), I noticed that all of the pills combined don't even fill a 1/4 of the bottle. Serious, not even close. I have gotten over the nutritional fact my potato chip bags contain vacuumed air and I am only getting .035 chip for every true craving. But a pill? I just want some honesty in my purchasing transaction. If I am getting only enough pills to sedate a cricket, tell me. If the bottle is to keep me from understanding depth perception, than I will believe TMZ is quality journalism. At least use my car's side view mirror as a label so items I open may appear larger than they actually are.

But to see the bottom of the bottle when I first open it, requires a little more resilience than I'm willing to sustain. Perhaps you should check the envelope I handed back to you to purchase the bottle. It may fit a new Mac AirBook, but remove the cotton and a gelpack and I'm sure you will get the full picture of what I thought it was worth.

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