Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Press #$%*$ for my opinion

New game of the week. Let's try to call a company and get an human to respond before your next birthday as you navigate through the ingenious call prompt structure. "Press 1 to talk about your issue and Press 2 to choose between what is an issue, a complaint or a comment on why you chose to Press 1 or 2 in the first place. Press 3 or say "three" or think of a number between 1-3 to get back to the main menu that we just updated for your convenience as you know the menu has changed."

I remember back in the old days (maybe like 2003) when you could choose to talk to a real person uphill both ways in the snow. It was a choice between an automated asexual TalkBot or someone who was trying to make extra money for beer that weekend. I always chose the entrepreneur or hit 'O' for what I thought was "Operator" not "Outside of our responsibility, try back after lunch".

It must be a money issue. It's a way to pass the savings of not hiring a real person to the consumer. I know I have seen all of my phone companies, insurance, tech support, health plans and online stores reduced their costs drastically and send me checks for allowing me to complain to Voice Mailbox 34543 after pressing "666". Honestly, I just wanted to know where to send a check for a late bill but I was rerouted 7 times, asked which language I would like three times, my account number, group number, SS# and credit card account five times and the color of my eyes twice, (well, maybe that was a 900 number not an 800 is for another discussion)

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