Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Bumper Crop of Free Speech

Wait, I need to get closer. Wait.... Wait... almost there.. Accelerate a little more. ahh, much better. Now that I'm right on your ASStounding impressive vehicle, I feel privileged that I was able to witness your life changing philosophies of the world. I now can read and understand you are the "proud mother against drunk parents of a honor student who gets bullied while playing football and is a cheerleader conservative with liberal views who wants world peace but supports the military and is Pro choice of all life while expressing your religious beliefs of beauty, environmental deer hunters and the pursuit of knowing Off-Roaders do it in the dirt"

Now that I bumped into you going 75 mph to get the drift of your inspirational outbreak of adhesive. I have one more sticker for you to slap on those 6 bare inches on your truck.

"Drivers without graffiti are becoming endangered. Save the ink!!!"

What? No room on your mobile billboard? Try your trailer.

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