Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Red over the Green

Exciting news, some companies truly view our love of the environment as a blinder to our intelligence. More and more products are showing how they care for the future by insulting the fact, if we didn't buy their products in the first place, it might make a bigger difference. I love Poland Spring water, I have bought my outlandish share of plastic bottles and drank them but hopefully discarded them in the proper recycling receptacle. But for them to believe that its better shrinking the bottle and the label 30% and making the material "flexible" for easier recycling defeats their last marketing statement that their bottles are 100% recyclable in the first place. At a bookstore yesterday I saw dark chocolate bar that is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint in the world. Like Hybrids? The cars that use electricity with or instead of gas. Does anyone realize the additional carbon print that is being expanded from our POWER PLANTS creating that electricity for the cars outweighs the additional mpg's we get on our Prius? Seriously, how about new beer that will lower cholesterol, french fries that use up oil in your house that is going to waste and edible garbage to reduce landfills?

The scary part is I'm not as green conscious as I should be, but as industries try to make money off of our politically correct passions, I think they might scare me into drinking tap water again...of course with a little dark chocolate for a taste enhancer.

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