Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weather You Care or Not

You know that old adage, why do we talk about the weather if there's nothing we can do about it? Isn't that truly the point? Weather is the ideal filler for empty conversation, brief greetings in hallways, elevators and grocery stores. When you run into an acquaintance whose name escapes your mind at the most inopportune time, do you eat your pride and apologize for forgetting their given name at birth or do you quickly pass over the addressing of nomenclature and go right to the important aspects of the world? "HEY,...(DUDE or BRO if male, just hi with a smile if female). How is your week goin'? I wish it would warm up, don't you? YES..YES, yesterday was nicer but I hear tomorrow is going to be wet again. Next week 75 degrees? wow..I hope so....OK...YOU too. Say hi to...uh...the family for me...buh bye."

Yesterday, I took the stairs down three flights around noon and passed a dozen or so people on their way up. Exactly the same conversation 12 times which made me feel like Ground Hog's Day in descending elevation. "Hi, Nice day." "Hello, Warm right?" "Hey, get out today, its nice." "Yo, dude, better bring an umbrella..NOT." Why don't we try take a risk, challenge ourselves and discuss the seven fields of knowledge, Mathematics & Science, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Mathematics, History and Visual Arts, as we pass each other in the stairwell during our mundane day. "Hello, Love your A Capella version of exact calculations of the number of steps which signify the rhythm and tones between Joan of Arc's triumph in 1429 displayed at the Louvre and the last micro ice age in 1585 during (oops..um) Galileo's observance of Solar sun flares and its affect on temperature." Yes, couldn't help it. I did digress right back to the weather. What can I say...Don't forget your umbrella.. dude...NOT.

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