Friday, April 18, 2008

Risk Free at a Cost

If I'm buying a printer cartridge at BestBuy, why am I being asked If I want to recieve 6 months of TIME, NEWSWEEK or NICKELODEON magazines? What am I truly risking? They completely and specifically promise to cancel my subscription as long as I do only the following: Have a notary witness a triplicate copy of my cancellation order as well as 3 months of advance deposit to cover any delivery, postage or handling fees that may occur with them providing me a free service for $45.00 every three months. "How much would you pay for this amazing offer? Before you answer we will double your offer if you call within the next 12 minutes and use the phrase, "ANOTHERONEBORNEVERYMINUTE". NOW how much would you pay? We are not done yet. ACT NOW and we will add a miniature version of the same magazine for your wallet or purse at no extra charge."

One closing thought, there is a reason that SPAM and junk mail never seem to decrease. Because out there, somewhere is someone clicking on the chance to have "egos" and the chance to lose 50 lbs by popping a pill with caffeine that is labeled, "You're lazy, we know, but just try it and write it off as a life lesson." Remember, It's RISK FREE.

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