Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Red Light Green Light

Yes, I am impatient when I need to get somewhere. Yes, I am anxious to get to the light. There has to be a way to make going from point to point more gratifying and less grinding. Two ideas, Not one will make me a penny. Let's change the paradigm of what we expect at a light. Keep the Green to Yellow to Red system to avoid causing havoc on the roads. I said I'm frustrated, not crazy and ignorant. But let's change up the 85 year old standards of our colored intersection exchange. As you wait at the Red light, have the middle light change to Blue to let you know its about to turn Green and you can leave. Seriously, If you have the right to warn me to slow down, you might as well tempt me to rev up. No? Not interesting enough for you? OK, one more try to get into the DOT Highway Hall of Fame. Add lighting schematics to your GPS systems. As you drive through a city, It shows you the traffic lights in real time and where and when they are turning red with the number of cars waiting to go nowhere. Now you can decide to take the longer way with less lights and less stopping. You can choose to stay in line with the rest of us mobile sheep and wait for the new Blue Light to alert you to get ready to go, stop changing the music or avoid staring at the other drivers to see why they would hang a pair of dice from the mirror, choose those sunglasses or think we care to hear AC/DC before 7am from a car that would make the guys at "Pimp My Ride" concede that there is nothing they could do to make that car appealing. Maybe not, but I do hear his engine revving up as the Blue light comes on.

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