Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Obvious

The more I read the more I think there isn't an original thought left in the world. Are people really getting paid to make statements of the obvious? "To lose weight, don't watch as much TV or video games, eat less and exercise more." I'm not sure about you, but I knew that first year of grade school gym/health class. Doesn't mean we do it, but we do KNOW it.

"To save on gas, make sure you don't have heavy items in your trunk and keep your tires inflated" "To learn more, read more books." To remember someone's name, repeat it three times." To get out a grass stain, use a stain remover." "To invest your money wisely and save for a rainy day buy my 10 rules of success or don't buy books written for the Obvious.

Its early in the day, I thought I would try a few and see if I can make a difference by stating the obvious ways of the world.

"If you are late for work, try getting up earlier" "If you eat that whole container of ice cream, you may get sick" "If you buy a $4.00 cup of coffee each day you just spent $1460.00 a YEAR on a helping you wake up earlier so you are not late for work" Again, not an original thought, but an AWAKENING one.

"For the $1460.00 you could have bought a HDTV with a 50 inch screen for the SuperBowl" Just a thought. "If you don't have a HDTV with PS3, BluRay and 750 videogames, you may exercise more, eat less and lose weight."

Amazing how the circle of life sets your day. Obviously.

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