Friday, April 25, 2008

Commuter Voyeurism

There it is. I can see you and it's fine. Don't stop now. We aren't moving and I promise no one is watching........watching THE ROAD.

Love the fact you have no qualms about practicing karaoke in your Honda. Nothing is more entertaining then as thousands of us idle with fumes, we can watch you enjoy a guilty pleasure of a song most of us would NEVER admit to even knowing the words.

Playing it loud in your car; cruising. Just you, your morning coffee and your tunes to get you through the commute.

Don't worry, this is your private time, no phone, blackberry or Todo list. What could make this morning commute go any better?

I don't know, perhaps the fact that you don't realize 100 cars are watching and you look like you are trying out for High School Musical 4 without the benefit of watching try to ACT as well.

Yes I'm voyeur (WELL, let me clarify. I'm a commuter voyeur and proud of it. I love the fact you have no shame screaming an "80's Ballad" with a high pitch of a Hairband that could forever ruin THEIR chance for a reunion concert.

I'm trying hard to keep within four car lengths of your hybrid to not lose sight or sound of this garage band on wheels and because throughout the commute, I know I can name that tune in two mileage markers, maybe one. Don't stop singing now that you know everyone is watching you in your mobile shower of rhythm. We just started playing Trivial Pursuit musical addition and you are the sappy host.

Finish strong please. Hit the crescendo, pretend your cell phone is a mic and Simon, Paula and Randy are actually impressed and you get to move on to the next week's freeway of sound. I haven't had this much fun in my own car since drive ins were still in existence..(author's note: yeah, I was probably alone then too)

Encore. Hurry..Find another station, another song. One more please as I want to see how you emulate Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks as a duet before I hit MY exit.

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